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The Automatic Flat Sheet Roll Membrane Casting machine is used to cast Polymeric Membrane by Phase Inversion on a non woven polyester support sheet.

Membranes can be cast in widths of 350mm W to 1 mtr

And length of 25 mtrs or more

The total unit is designed for help the operator to work with maximum sophistication & a trouble free operation

Customized designs are available to meet specific requirements from customers.

  • Adjustable casting thickness, controlled by PLC
  • Adjustable evaporation time
  • Adjustable casting speed, controlled by PLC
  • Adjustable inversion temperature, controlled by PLC

We also offer membrane fabrication unit for R&D use to develop membrane, which is specifically designed to quickly and precisely study Membrane parameters with respect to change in input parameters
The following flat sheet membranes can be cast using this equipment:

  • Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration/Reverse Osmosis
  • Pervaporation/Vapor Permeation
  • Gas Separation