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Porosity and Pore Size Measurement

Tech Inc introduces an attractive and convenient method of calculating the membrane surface pore area, pore distribution and surface porosity. The results also suggest how to control the spinning conditions towards fabricating a suitable membrane based on the requirements of a process. 

The porosity of the membrane is defined as the volume of the pores divided by the total volume of the membrane; the symbol for the porosity is E. A method for the determination of the porosity of (hydrophobic) membranes.


Membranes Hollow Fibres are thin by design and the typical sizes are in the range of 0.2mm to 1mm ID/ 0.3mm to 2mm OD. Such fibres are to be evaluated for their strength upon casting to ascertain the dope composition percentages, need for additives, change in operating parameters, comparisons with standard commercial membranes etc.

M/s TECHINC offers the above instrument to the researcher to meet the above requirement

The instrument includes facilities for

  • Hold the fibres between the ends
  • Varying load to fibre ends
  • Stretching of fibres to varying loads
  • Dynamic measuring of stretch to varying load
  • Dynamic plotting of stretch to load
  • Continuous Data Acquisition of the above
  • Transferrable to Laptop/ Desktop


Contact angle measurement is used to check whether the membrane surface is Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated method enabling to define contact angle and surface roughness accurately from the same location and to combine both surface chemical and topographical data with automated software calculations.
  • Offers fast surface characterisation method, which does not demand specialist to run the samples.
  • Versatile roughness measurement: both 2D and 3D characterization.
  • Tech Inc offers Economy Model which enables measurement of contact angle based on image analysis and consists of the following :
  • Table to hold Droplet with Two axes – X & Y movement of + 30mm to adjust the focus on droplet .
  • Vertical slide of 250-300mm Height movement to position and focus droplet.
  • Image Sensor with USB cable
  • LED Lamp to illuminate the droplet.
  • Syringe for manually transferring droplet of solution on X-Y table
  • Image captured on Laptop shall be used for measuring contact angle using standard AutoCad Software (customer’s scope)