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The MD technology is based on vacuum multi effect membrane distillation, which is a highly efficient thermal process for thermal separations in a modular concept. These MD modules, called MD STACK consist of flat sheet membranes combined with an innovative plate and frame design made of PP.


Process engineering

  • Treatment of highly saline process waters and recovery of valuables, recirculation and close to ZLD processing.
  • Generation of highly purified water for pharmaceutical applications and power plant steam generation.
  • Energy efficient low temperature concentration of sugar solutions.


  • Desalination of sea water for drinking water or process water production
  • Further concentration of brine to increase capacity of existing desalination plants
  • Brackish water desalination of diffi cult ground waters
  • High recovery rate desalination as bridge towards ZLD
  • Marine applications
  • Solar desalination

Oil & gas extraction

  • Volume reduction of produced water in oil and gas
  • Wastewater treatment from refinery processes

Industrial and mining

  • Recovery of valuables from waste water e.g. pickling solutions
  • Concentration of organic waste waters
  • Chloric alkali waste waters
  • Concentration of acid mine drainage close to ZLD
  • VOC concentration (Ethanol concentration, Ammonia extraction)

Food and beverage

  • Treatment of process water in the food and Beverage Industry
  • Concentration and separation of olive oil mill waste water
  • Separation of valuables from and concentration of whey
  • Alcohol separation
  • Distilled water for hydroponic agriculture

Power sector

  • Recovery of cooling water blow down
  • Desalination for boiler feedwater
  • Desalination for wet cooling tower feed water