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  • TECH INC  offers High Pressure Stirred Cell used in Membrane Research applications – to study permeability, separation characteristics of Membranes.
  • The Cell operates to a maximum pressure of 1000 psi (69 Bar) and can be used for Micro Filtration,Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration & RO Membranes.
  • All the wetted components are made of SS316L and the Cell is chemically resistant to aqueous & non aqueous solutions.
  • High-pressure stirred cell is both chemically resistant and features a low hold-up volume.
  •  Provided with Removable PTFE stir bar.
  • Cell top and bottom are easily removable to facilitate easy pouring of solution and placement of membrane.
  • Standard sources of compressed air or inert gas allow variable, safe, and consistent supply of pressure to perform separations. Volatile solutions can be processed safely because of High Pressure Stirred Cell does not require a pump to supply operating pressure. Pressure regulators and relief valves are available.
  • Stirred Cell accommodates any 47-50 mm diameter membrane disk.
  • All components are fully autoclavable and sterilizable.


TECH INC offers Low  Pressure Stirred Cell used in Membrane Research applications

  • For fine separation of Macro solutes like Protein, RNA & DNA
  • For Concentration, Buffer exchange and Desalting
  • Stirred cells concentrate solutions with up to 10% initial macrosolute concentration with high flow rates and high recovery.
  • The stirred cell uses gentle magnetic stirring to control the concentration polarization or accumulation of macromolecules on the membrane surface.
  • Available in different sizes.